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Melanie provides vocal coaching, song interpretation, and performance anxiety management to singers of all ages and abilities.


Performer, Vocal Coach & Social Worker

Melanie has worked as a professional singer and dancer for almost two decades and has performed in various bands, duets, cabaret/corporate acts and theatre shows in Adelaide and nationally. Her work experience has included Adelaide two piece duos “Hoo Ha” and “Karma”, "Vegas Viva Dolls", “Blondeshell”, Nighttrain touring show the "Adelaide Rockaholics", “Songs that Make You Go MMM” (Cabaret Fringe Festival), girl group trios "The Vocal Vixens“ and "The Rubys”, and more recently, Emma Knights Productions' "Come Together" band. Her theatre credits include lead roles with companies such as Matt Byrne Media (April, “Hot Shoe Shuffle"), Northern Light Theatre Company (Darlene Love, “Leader Of The Pack”), and The Hills Musical Company (Aurora/The Spiderwoman in “Kiss Of The Spiderwoman”). Notably, she was nominated for an Adelaide Theatre Guide award for her portrayal of Aurora/The Spiderwoman in "Kiss of The Spiderwoman" in 2012. Melanie played the role of "Kate" in "Oklahoma on a Farm" with Emma Knights Productions in 2016/17 and more recently played the role of Matron “Mama” Morton in Emma Knights 2017 production of “Chicago”.  She is trained in jazz, classical, tap and contemporary dance.


Melanie holds a Certificate IV in Jazz Voice from the Elder Conservatorium and works as a vocal instructor at the Adelaide Vocal Hub. She enjoys harmony singing and currently performs in “The Three Little Sisters - An Andrews Sisters Tribute Show”. Melanie freelances as a backing vocalist for local Adelaide artist Kelly Breuer in her band “The Brouhaha”.


In addition to her performance background, Melanie holds a Bachelor of Psychology and Master of Social Work degree from the University of South Australia. She has worked extensively in the field of mental health in a range of roles over the last decade in both the public and private sector. Melanie has a particular interest in performance anxiety management and the use of relaxation strategies, in particular, mindfulness strategies, and their application in the treatment of anxiety. Her counselling background enables her to utilize a multitude of therapeutic approaches, combining strategies from a range of therapeutic models. Melanie’s passion for performing and helping people to overcome psychological barriers to reach their performance potential has led her to combine her skills in order to cater to a wider range of clients.

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Melanie Mama Morton Chicago 2017
Melanie Solo singing


Singing, Vocal Technique & Repertoire Building

Melanie has been vocal coaching for a number of years and specialises in works with singers of all ages and levels. Melanie recognises the importance of good vocal health and the desire to deliver an optimal performance whilst looking after your voice. Lessons focus on how to use your voice safely whilst exploring your range and vocal ability. Beginners learn how to gain more control over your voice and explore different voice qualities in a safe and nurturing environment. More experienced singers learn how to use your voice in different ways, add more dynamics to your performance and increase your musical repertoire.


Lessons involve training in pitch, melody, intonation, dynamics, intervals, exploring different voice qualities, styles, and exploring different genres of music. Improve the quality of your vocal control, increase your range and build up repertoire for performances or auditions. Weekly lessons are available.

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Enhance your acting skills when performing

Melanie draws upon her extensive experience in musical theatre and cabaret to help you enhance your performance. Song interpretation is a valuable tool for up and coming singers of all ages and abilities and can help prepare performers for what is expected of them at auditions. It is useful for all singers, and, in particular, musical theatre performers who want to take their career to the next level. Song interpretation sessions involve exploring song content, background, themes and characterisation. Use song interpretation sessions to prepare for your audition or performance piece. 

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Learn relaxation strategies to increase your confidence when performing

Stage fright can be crippling. Getting up on stage in front a group of people, whether it be your loved ones, peers or even a crowd of strangers can seem terrifying to many people. Performance anxiety is much more common than people realise and can hold people back from achieving their goals and taking their desire to perform to the next level. 

It is important for performers to feel prepared and confident when delivering a performance.

Melanie works with singers to develop their confidence and performance skills through the use of relaxation and therapeutic strategies. In particular, the use of 'Mindfulness' strategies and positive psychology. Her background in Social Work and extensive experience working in the mental health sector as both a case worker and counsellor enables her to draw upon these skills. These sessions help singers to overcome psychological barriers to performing. 

Learn simple and effective techniques to diffuse anxiety and stay focused in the present moment.



Lesson lengths include 30, 45 & 60 minutes.


Sessions are available on Tuesdays from 11am to 8pm and Wednesdays from 4pm to 8pm at the Adelaide Vocal Hub. 


Twenty four hours notice must be given for cancellation of lessons in lieu of special circumstances
(ie personal/sickness). Make up lessons may be given. Individual circumstances will be taken into consideration.

Fees must be paid in full at the start of each block before the commencement of sessions. Please speak to Melanie if you are experiencing financial hardship of other difficulties.

If a student fails to show up for their lesson on more than three consecutive occasions and they have not given prior notice regarding their absence then that spot may be filled by another student.



Block of x10 30 minute lessons (or x5 1 hour lessons): $400

Block of x5 30 minute lessons: $200

Block of x5 45 minute lessons: $300


$40 for 30 minutes

$60 for 45 minutes

$80 for 60 minutes


"Mel is an easy going but very conscientious vocal teacher. When it comes to technique nothing gets by her. She enables her students to flourish using positive motivation and encouragement as well as honest feedback. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Mel. My voice and self-confidence has come a long way thanks to her."

Martin Vanzwol


Would you like some more information about Melanie's coaching? Contact her today to chat about your goals.

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